Enabling the Digital Ship through Dedicated IoT Connectivity

Improved VSAT connectivity has transformed our image of a ship from that of a lonely, self-sufficient vessel battling the elements into an industrial platform, hosting dozens of mechanical and electronic systems that must work continuously and efficiently together. Each of these solutions will require IoT connectivity, edge and cloud presence, guaranteed and dedicated service levels, and IoT-specific cybersecurity.

However, issues related to bandwidth, speed, and security are shining a spotlight on data delivery options—specifically how a dedicated connectivity solution offers valuable benefits vs. the use of a commercial vessel’s primary connectivity system for multiple stakeholders with competing needs and priorities. What should you consider when seeking to address these issues?

  1. Is my vessel data getting to shoreside experts in real time?
  2. How are my networks currently configured?
  3. Are my fleet communications meeting IMO guidelines for security?
  4. How is the industry responding to IoT?

“Enabling the Digital Ship through Dedicated IoT Connectivity: Four Key Considerations to Achieve Optimal Performance and Cybersecurity for Maritime IoT,” delves into these questions, examines the benefits of dedicated IoT connectivity and the issues associated with sharing IoT connectivity needs, especially in light of cybersecurity concerns raised in IMO 2021.

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