KVH AgilePlans Shipping & Installation Policies

AgilePlans ® Makes Installation Easy 

When you want connectivity added to your vessels, you want the system to be installed quickly, easily, and with a minimum of complications.

That’s why every AgilePlans subscription includes subsidized shipping to and standard installation in AgilePlans ports around the globe up to the allowances presented below. Any costs above these allowances are the customer’s responsibility:

AgilePlans Ports and Locations Worldwide

KVH supports installations in commercial ports and locations worldwide. However, there are exceptions to airport and seaport availability due to antenna system size, available transportation, seasonality, regulatory changes, import limitations, and changing political conditions. Contact fieldservice@kvh.com for verification of your desired airport and seaport’s availability.

Important Note:

Due to COVID-19 there are local port restrictions and quarantine precautions in effect which may delay shipping and installation. In addition, a port may become unavailable for installs either due to local laws and conditions, or travel restrictions for technicians. KVH is monitoring local restrictions and continuing to coordinate services to the best of our abilities.

Shipping and Install Terms & Conditions​

  • Shipping and installation lead times vary depending on destination port. Contact KVH Sales for details
  • Subscriber is responsible for import duties and fees and shall act as the importer of record.
  • Specific to the TracPhone V11HTS and TracNet H90, delivery terms are “CPT-Airport." For additional details, contact KVH Sales.
  • Except for new builds, all Terminal Equipment shall be shipped “spares-in-transit” and shipping terms are DAP (Delivery at Place). For new builds, contact KVH Sales.
  • Installation plans will be developed solely based on information provided by Subscriber and reviewed by KVH at a location remote from the vessel; no on-site survey shall be conducted.

Installation services are subject to and governed under KVH’s current Professional Services Standard Terms and Conditions and AgilePlans Standard Installation Terms and Conditions .

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