Top 5 Reasons to Bring Satellite TV Onboard​

Reason 1

Leave Your Cares Behind…Not  Live TV

Everyone onboard will enjoy hundreds of channels of local and breaking news, sports, and more, wherever you cruise!

Reason 2

Service Available from Top Providers Worldwide

Enjoy local channels and reliable satellite TV programming from leading regional service providers around the world with a preprogrammed worldwide satellite library for easy switching.

Reason 3

Watch TV on Your MFDs/GPS Displays 

No TV screen onboard? No problem! Experience the thrill of LIVE TV on your center console display.

Reason 4

Be Entertained Offshore

Proven designs built for the marine environment ensure you’ll have a crystal clear picture wherever you cruise.

Reason 5

Easy to Use and a Solution for Every Boat Size

Antennas are available for every size boat, and extending your subscription to your boat is as simple as adding another receiver to your home plan.

Interested in getting Satellite TV on your boat?

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